Adver-Tees has been providing screen printing & embroidery services to the local schools, churches, sports teams and corporate offices in Virginia Beach since 1994.

Our goal is to help direct you towards what you’re looking for, whether that means screen printing on a small quantity, but high quality, or screen printing on a bulk amount of t-shirts at the best price.

Our Customers in Virginia Beach

We’ve been helping schools, churches, sports teams, businesses, etc. in Virginia Beach, VA since 1994. During that time we’ve been able to build a reputation in the local area and have received many testimonials from our screen printing & embroidery clients.

“I needed some t-shirts printed and wanted a high-quality print, a relatively fast turnaround, and a good price. All three of those objectives were met, and I was very pleased with the finished product. The t-shirts have weathered well and are performing nicely. I have not had any problems with the screen-printing losing resolution, fading, or anything, and I am happy with the product.”

James Stallings
Monster Clean in Virginia Beach



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